Why are lash cleansers important?

Adding a lash cleanser to your routine is an essential part with lash extensions. It prevents the risk of infections such as conjunctivitis and/or blepharitis and also extends the longevity of your lash extensions.

How do I use my lash cleanser? 

1) Wet your eyelash extensions

2) Apply 1-2 pumps per eye and gently work with the soft brush (included in your kit) for 30-60 secs

3) Rinse with water and pay dry with a paper towel

4) Use a fan or a blow dryer on a cool low setting to fan and fluff up your lashes 💨

5) Use your Spoolies/Mascara wand to brush your extensions as the last step!

REPEAT TWICE DAILY  be sure to cleanse as part of your morning and evening regimen or when necessary (visible sweat on eyelids, swimming, etc.)

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