Tips for amazing lash extension retention!

“My eyelash extensions aren’t lasting long”


👉🏻Avoid touching your lashes especially since the oils on your fingers can transfer to your lashes and which can break the bond of the eyelash extension. Also picking the lash extension can also pull the natural lashes along with it together since the natural eyelash and the extension is still bonded together even when they are starting to twist and grow out!

🧼Rule of thumb is to wait 24-48 hours before getting your lashes wet but after the time period be sure to use an oil-free lash shampoo cleanser. These are specialized shampoos meant for eyelash extensions. We offer shampoo kits as an aftercare product to help maintain those lashes from oil build-up that we produce from our glands that provides nutrients to our natural lashes. If the glands are blocked with build-up then our natural lashes can stop growing. So to avoid this, we highly encourage using a lash cleanser to avoid oil-build up!

🧹It always best to brush your lashes but brushing alone is not sufficient to maintain them. Brushing is the last step after washing your lashes and should be done when the lashes are fully dry. When lashes grow out (usually after 2 weeks from the last visit) be sure to sure to brush away from the lash line to avoid accidentally pulling from the base of the extension!

🧴Remember that adding oil based products can still run the risk of potentially losing a few lash extensions so it’s best to avoid them to general but if it’s necessary for your routine then we say to keep at least 1cm distance away from moisturizers, sunscreen & serums around the lashes.

😴The following rule is to not sleep on your lashes BUT if you are a side or face-lying sleeper then we recommend wearing a sleep mask to minimize from having to lose lash extensions in your sleep!

🗓 Lastly be sure to pre-book your appointment at least a few days before your 2 week refill to avoid disappointment with slots being fully booked🤍

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