How to find the BEST lash tech in your area?

How to find the BEST lash tech in your area? (Part 1)

So you find yourself researching all the lash techs in your area but the first question you might ask yourself is “How do I find the best lash artist?”

1. Review their work and zoom in to see if eyelash extensions that are properly isolated and not clumped together. Isolation is when either 1 or multiple fanning eyelash extensions are placed onto one natural lash. This is EXTREMELY important because if the lashes are clumped together, the lash extensions are going to be very uncomfortable after you try brushing through them.
2. Ask if their clients have good retention and if they offer aftercare kits with services. This gives a good indication if the lash tech is aware of their client’s safety and hygiene. Simply using water is not sufficient when cleaning the lashes, it’s important that they try to educate you on how to wash your lashes. You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know aftercare to be doing your lashes!
3. Notice if they have the same repeat clients. Sometimes, if the artist is a beginner it is common for you to see the same client a couple times as they are just trying to build their clientele. If they have been doing lashes for a while, see if their clients are consistent with coming back. If so, then you know that lash tech is very reputable!
4. If the lash artist is engaging, check to see how many followers they have, the more followers the more people are engaged with their account based on the content they offer. Obviously, you have to see if their follower count is legit, you can check by tapping their followers list and explore their followers page.

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