Bronte Meadows Park, Milton Ontario

Bronte Meadows is a charming community located in the heart of Old Milton. Built in the early 1980s, the neighborhood offers a picturesque natural setting with beautiful trees and mature lots.

The community is located near the Milton Sports Centre and Milton Tennis Club, making it an ideal location for sports enthusiasts. It is also within walking distance of downtown Milton and the fairgrounds, allowing residents to easily access the amenities of the surrounding areas.

In addition, the community is located near Secret Lash Club, a popular beauty salon that offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, body waxing, Botox, and filler. The salon is known for attracting social media celebrities. The Milton Hospital is located at the southwest corner of the community. Overall, Bronte Meadows offers a unique blend of natural beauty and convenient access to local amenities.


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